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Marble Hill

Marble Hill PediSalve

Marble Hill PediSalve

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PediSalve™ the only award winning 100% Natural Total Foot Cream that immediately moisturises, conditions and improves suppleness of the skin of the heels, nails and joints of the foot. PediSalve™ is used to “spot-treat” areas of hard skin, to heal cracked heels or brittle nails and is also an excellent option for massage and maintenance of the entire foot.

Use to help soothe aching joints, promote circulation and enhance mobility, helping keep the elderly on their feet. PediSalve is free from water, irritants and allergens, making it an ideal foot cream for diabetics as it can be applied between the toes.

Massage has been demonstrated to relieve arthritis pain; circulation and mobility are improved by massage.

*Lasts 4 times longer than other creams*

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