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Marble Hill

Marble Hill Euventol

Marble Hill Euventol

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Used to Maximize the effectiveness of;

Scientific research has demonstrated the power of inhaled essential oils to boost concentration, reduce errors, improve memory and improve mood, reducing stress levels, boosting energy levels and improving confidence.

Euventol contains natural peppermint oil . Scientific research on behalf of NASA has proven that Peppermint oil has the following benefits :
Improved performance during exercise
Decreased fatigue
Increased speed over 400m run
Decreased pain perception


Research has shown that the oils in Euventol have the following properties:
Eucalytus oil clears the nasal passages, improving oxygen intake.
Peppemint oil has been shown to improve clerical work performance.
Improves motivation.
Improves alertness.
Rosemary oil improves short-term memory, ideal for exam time.

Background: Research shows that the oils in  Euventol™ can increase confidence in the ability to succeed, creating a virtuous circle.

Euventol™ truly is ‘The Smell of Success

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