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Marble Hill

Marble Hill Neem Oil Soap 100g

Marble Hill Neem Oil Soap 100g

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Neem oil is known as the “Village Pharmacy” in India.

Marble Hill use the oil obtained from the fruit of the neem tree to make their neem oil soap. Blended with the pure water their our own well and a range of other specially selected and carefully balanced premium plant oils including sweet almond and avocado and boosted with shea butter and Vitamin E, neem oil soap is moisturizing, conditioning and soothing for itchy, dry skin.

An ideal alternative for skin irritated by detergent-based shower gels and hand-washes neem oil soap is a product which, once you have used it you will not want to be without.

Neem oil soap may be used as a whole body wash or used for hands alone. Particularly popular with people who have to wash their hands frequently, such as hospital staff and new mothers, neem oil soap , used regularly helps soothe and heal dry, cracked skin of the hands and leaves the whole body refreshed and supple.

Is used frequently by our customers who suffer from Eczema and other dry skin conditions Neem Oil Soap is Fabulously Moisturising producing a creamy lather that makes it ideal to shower with, was twice recommended in the Sunday Times by health columnist, Jennifer Harper Deacon.

Customers who use Neem Oil Soap find that SurgiSalve is a good option for areas of dry skin but we recommend HandSalve for people suffering with dry , itchy hands / dermatitis/hand eczema.

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